Thursday, 17 September 2009

Committee 2009/10

Hey to da b-boyz and b-girlz,

CUBiC is back in action from this autumn for the next academic year! Most of last year's committee members are staying, but we've all shifted our roles a bit to add some fresh air to the breakdance club a bit.

Ali (below) is your new President; contact him if you want the Cambridge A-Team and other fresh breakers to perform at your Ents, Bops, Balls and other events on

Marcus team up with Ali to run the club as Vice-Prez and will answer all your queries (including classes) that you send to our committee address (

Mazza, CUBiC's President last year, will be stepping in the new role of Publicity Officer and will keep this blog up to date. Email her on if you have photos of us or want to feature us on your newspaper, magazine, or even on posters and other artwork/advertisement!

Matt will stay in charge of the society's Treasury, as well as keeping the membership list alive as Secretary. All money issues should be emailed to him on and cc-d to our President.

Steve is our new addition to the committee as Social Secretary. Contact him on if you are an Events Organiser in your local area and want us to dance in exchange for a free/discounted entry and drinks! He is also responsible for increasing the breakdance movement on local soil and hosts the practices at St. Paul's on Sundays.

We look forward to meeting you and breakin' with y'all!

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