Wednesday 22 February 2012

Paksoc Charity Ball

On Sunday we hit 3 May Ball Auditions, The Queens Arts Festival where we taught a workshop and put on a choreographed show, and then we did the same show but for the Paksoc Charity Ball, where we met with Neil from Invision Photography and got a few crew shots.

Photos by

The Cambridge Breakdance Society supported by Cambridge B-Boy Crew Generation Ill is still going strong, if you are interested in booking us for your event or would like to sign up to our class please e-mail us.

Monday 4 October 2010

CUBICS Tee's in da house.. !

Cubics Tee's - get yours by emailing £7.50 each (discounted from £10.00).

Thursday 30 September 2010

Freshers Week and Freshers Fair - CUBICS run things... !

Hitting the clubs/fair rocking our fresh CUBICS t-shirts we will be going to the following so come along and break to help promote our breaking club..

Sunday 3rd October - Oasis at Fez Club

Monday 4th October - Soccer PM at Revs

Tuesday 5th October - Freshers Fair (ALL DAY)

Tuesday 5th October - The Night Formerly Known as Jelly Baby at Ballare

Wednesday 6th October - Freshers Fair (ALL DAY)

Wednesday 6th October - Shut up and Dance at The Place

Thursday 7th October - The Asylum at The Place.

Friday/Saturday 8 & 9th October - for people who are working in the week we will go out so you can get involved


For the club nights we will meet at 11PM inside the club so let me know your names for free entry list and we will meet inside.

For The Freshers Fair we are to setup the Lino and Boombox at 9AM for the 5th and 6th October and we will be breaking all day in intervals where refreshments will be provided so the people who are bringing boombox and lino please turn up at 9am or arrange for somebody else to bring this equipment (call me) and everybody else taking part can turn up throughout the 2 days when you are available (people will be there with the set-up all day.)

We have ordered CUBICS T-Shirts and the people who put a lot of effort in will receive one for free but unfortunately at £10 a t-shirt we cannot give free to everybody so either return t-shirt at the end of the week or pay £7.50 (discounted) to keep it.

For 5th & 6th in the day we will be setting up our allotted place 9am on parkers piece illustrated in the following picture:

Any questions or to let me know names for which days please send me a message on facebook or call/txt me on 07********* (message me for number - or

Looking forward to seeing you,


Monday 19 July 2010

Our trip to Hip-Hop Festival rotterdam!

That's right Cubics were making noise in The Netherlands this weekend unfortunately we didn't get far into the competition but we helped represent the UK and by getting beat in the 2 on 2's competition it has made us hungry for more and we have already been back in the lab training hard for when we next need to rep our ends!

Here are some pictures to give you a feel of what went down:

The Hip-Hop festival started of with a couple of heads catching a plane to Rotterdam on Friday, we went to an exhibition where they had a bboy workshop, hip-hop film screening (called from mambo to hip-hop - check it out) a discussion with three top bboys and then on to a party with a few showcases, open circles and free beer!

The following day we headed down to the main event (World BBoy Classic- search on youtube) The idea being that 16 of the top BBoys from around the world were invited down and were randomly paired an hour before the battles and these 8 pairs would go up against 8 pairs that qualified as a duo at the prelims which happened moments before the main event.

Heads from all over the world competed in 2 separate circles in the prelims including myself and Smyvy. The winners of the prelims after getting through 4 or 5 rounds then went up against the great 8 in a knockout competition, none of the challengers got through the first round showing that the great 8 were truly great! So the great 8 went on to battle each other and the winners emerged to be Thesis and Keebs who went up against Lil G and Lamine in the finals bagging a cool 4000 euros.

Sunday saw us heading up to a block party where the DJ blasted out Hip-Hop tunes and party breaks out in the open and everyone was having a good time mixing with each other and dancing like it should be! the day also included a sneaker market which had a wide range of fresh kicks and also a sneaker battle which is where whoever loses a round has to give up the sneakers they are wearing which goes to charity, its just for fun and the overall winner bags themselves a brand new pair of sneakers.

Overall this was a very good weekend and had many hip-hop moments, if this sounds like the sort of thing you want to get involved in make sure you show some interest by turning up to training/classes and just come on in and get involved! Aight?!.. Peace x BBoy Wattsy x

Thursday 6 May 2010

Committee 2010/11

B-Boys B-Girls

The next academic is upon us and to get ready the committee has decided to start preparing now.

Getting down n' dirty:

Over the next few months we will be handing over the committee roles and having meetings to discuss how we can make Cubic a better society for you.
To do this we will be reviewing classes, social events, clothing, workshops, jams, events and much more. If you would like to attend or listen in on the meetings you are welcome just email one of us or simply come along and show up as we will send out details of meetings and such by email facebook and the blog.

The committee roles have been decided at the Annual General Meeting and i would like to give a warm welcome and introduce the following members:

B-Girl Sarra - She is your new president taking over from Ali; contact her if you want her to organise performances that you can be involved in for your Ents, Bops, Balls and other events on

Sarra looking happy

B-Girl Jumoye is the new vice president taking over from Marcus - she will team up with Sarra to run the club as Vice-Prez and will answer all your queries including classes and social events that you ask her in person or send to our committee address (


B-Boy Wattsy (Steve) who you may know from teaching some of the classes last year will still be teaching but this year he will be taking over from Matt Lim by becoming the new Treasurer, please speak to him regarding membership details, classes and anything like that. In addition to this Steve also helps organise open training sessions at St Paul's on a Friday and Sunday, which at the moment is in addition to current training. You can email him on the following:

Steven chillin

Next up is B-Boy JoeFlow who is taking on the role of Jams/Events and Workshops organiser.
He will be letting you know of jams and events throughout the country which we will go to as a crew to check out how other BBoys battle and get down in the cyphers and when confident enough you can enter battle competitions such as the uni bboy champs which we will be looking to do as its been a long time since a Uni Crew from Cambridge has represented. Also if you're really keen you can speak to him about events that take place in other countries! Overall he can let you know of dates, times and transport and he will also be arranging special one-off workshops where a highly publicised bboy will come and teach a class which will all be funded by the society.

Joe in the mask shop

That's it for the official positions so far but its early and more positions will be given if we feel its necessary after we've had some meetings, if you would like to be considered for a position we would be delighted please send an email to

Last but not least i will introduce some friendly faces that have been around for a long time so when none of the above people are about or even if they are you can always speak to one of the following that's if they haven't already come over and spoken to you first!

B-Boy Pancake (Marcus) - former vice president you may not catch him around that often but if you do be sure to see what this guys saying!

Marcus hitting a freeze on his elbow

B-Boy Szymon - He's very keen on training, if you're down for some extra training and there's nobody else around this guy is sure to be up for it!

Szymon punting on the River Cam

B-Boy Nin - (short for Ninja) - This guy's always happy to show you a move or 2 don't be afraid to ask he may look like a gangster be he's actually a really nice guy.

Nin with his pigtail grinning away

B-Boy Ali - Last years president, you may not see him around as much as he's done studying for now but I'm sure he will pop in to visit us and help out with classes every now and then so keep your eye out for this guy!

Ali looking dappa

That's it for now guys! There are a few more people who like to train regularly but we wont know if they will be helping to run things yet but if they decide to I'll be sure to introduce you to them through this blog.

We look forward to teaching some new and current students in August about the dance we love and live. Be sure to check the blog which will be updated monthly from now on in addition to this we will also be sending out emails so watch this space and if you want to get involved between now and the new term be sure to hit us up by email, facebook or phone etc we are always about and training, Peace.

B-Boy Wattsy

Thursday 8 October 2009

Freshers' Week; FREE Breakdance Class on Saturday 10th October

The Cambridge University Breakdance Club would like to welcome the freshers of 2008/09 and other students who have just signed up to the mailing list to the trial class which is happening this Saturday, on 10th October! NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE OF BREAKDANCING IS NECESSARY!

Come to School of Pythagoras, St. John's College at 4pm. Porters or students will be able to direct you, just ask them where the School of Pythagoras is. PLEASE DO NOT SAY YOU ARE COMING TO A CLASS!

We will give you a free class on basic footwork, as well as an induction on the culture behind breakdancing.

Clothing; anything loose, e.g. Tracksuits or baggy jeans, t-shirts, hoodies and trainers. Any accessories such as caps and armbands are more than welcome.

Bring £10/15 in case you want to become a member - if you feel that you want to continue classes, you will need to pay this annual fee. There will be membership forms you can fill in after the trial class.

Hope to see many of you there!

Wednesday 7 October 2009

Classes and Training Sessions

Michaelmas Term 2009

Beginners Classes

None or little experience? You will receive teaching on basic footwork/techniques from an instructor.

Saturdays, 4-5pm at School of Pythagoras, St. John’s College, followed by training session with the others.

Free, however you must pay after your first class/at your second class for the academic year if you wish to attend classes regularly. See "fee" under 'labels' on the right hand side of this blog for details.

This term we hope to go for dinner out in town to follow the training session/beginners class when possible, as an opportunity to mix with members of the society.

Training sessions

There is more than just attending the class; training sessions are where you practice what you have learnt before and putting them into context, as well as learning off others of all levels.

Tuesdays from 7-9pm @ Hughes Hall College (advanced/show crew)
Thursdays from 8.15pm - 10.15pm @ School of Pythagoras, St. John’s College (all welcome)
Saturdays from 5-6pm after beginners class @ School of Pythagoras, St. John’s College (all welcome)

Free, however you must pay after your first training/at your second training for the academic year if you wish to attend classes regularly. See "fee" under 'labels' on the right hand side of this blog for details.

If you think you know a place where there is a big space to train for free, please contact us on

Da reel shizzle

Happens outside the classes innit.

Thursday 17 September 2009

Committee 2009/10

Hey to da b-boyz and b-girlz,

CUBiC is back in action from this autumn for the next academic year! Most of last year's committee members are staying, but we've all shifted our roles a bit to add some fresh air to the breakdance club a bit.

Ali (below) is your new President; contact him if you want the Cambridge A-Team and other fresh breakers to perform at your Ents, Bops, Balls and other events on

Marcus team up with Ali to run the club as Vice-Prez and will answer all your queries (including classes) that you send to our committee address (

Mazza, CUBiC's President last year, will be stepping in the new role of Publicity Officer and will keep this blog up to date. Email her on if you have photos of us or want to feature us on your newspaper, magazine, or even on posters and other artwork/advertisement!

Matt will stay in charge of the society's Treasury, as well as keeping the membership list alive as Secretary. All money issues should be emailed to him on and cc-d to our President.

Steve is our new addition to the committee as Social Secretary. Contact him on if you are an Events Organiser in your local area and want us to dance in exchange for a free/discounted entry and drinks! He is also responsible for increasing the breakdance movement on local soil and hosts the practices at St. Paul's on Sundays.

We look forward to meeting you and breakin' with y'all!

Friday 20 February 2009

Popping Workshop with Special K; Varsity's Pick of the Week

We welcome back Special K as he returns with newer techniques and routines!

He was the winner of Urban Sinfonie and UCF Sheffield, 3rd place in Breakfest Birmingham and 4th place in ClubDanceStyleOff Manchester. He is currently teaching extensively up in the northern part of England, and is part of the Justice League Crew. Before he ran away up north, he was part of the breakdance crew here in Cambridge; this is one opportunity you cannot miss!

There will be two sessions, as Varsity newspaper has advertised it at a different time;
The first will be held at 5pm (our original schedule), the second at 7:45pm (Varsity's publicised time).
Both will be held at School of Pythagoras, St. John's College, on Saturday 21st February.

Entrance Fee;
Members - £2
Non-members - £5

You can join membership on the day (£10) and participate upon the discount price. Membership also offers free classes and training sessions, reduced prices to attend workshops and other events throughout the year. As it is for the academic year, the sooner you join, the more profitable it will be!

Don't know what popping is? See a clip here;

Friday 13 February 2009

CU Breakdance Club at the ADC Theatre

(By Mazza, President 08-09)

From the 2oth to 24th January, 2009, Cambridge University Contemporary Dance Workshop hosted their annual event at the ADC Theatre. This year, the show was titled Beauty, in which the CU Breakdance Club gave their first staged performance illustrating the beauty of spontaneity and freestyle behind the break-dance culture.

The show consisted of a mixture of a breakin' routine choreographed by Ali, popping improvisations both in pairs and solo, as well as a concluding piece where all the breakers had a chance to do their own breakin' freestyles. Although everyone has their own style among the break-dance sub-genres, the unity within the group was represented through a fixed routine which we all did at the end.

Here are some of the best shots that professional photographers captured during our performance and rehearsals;

"The show picked up, as a large crew of break-dancers, body-poppers and hip-hoppers roboted their way onto the stage and filled the ADC with pumping energy" - Varsity on the CU Breakdance Crew at Beauty.

The critically acclaimed humorous "muppet-dancers"..

"Alone on stage, she overcame the natural movement of the legs and arms to be so mechanical, jerky and without bones it was as if she'd given everyone Nintendo gameboy glasses with which to view a post-apocalyptic spaceport where electricity dancer through unicorns. Yes, like that" - The Cambridge Student

If you missed the show, you missed out, but not quite - check out the video on facebook below;

The video only says very little about our performances. Our key point is to have fun ourselves, but you to feel the enjoyment too! This is what we were like backstage...

If you want to discover this unified enjoyment at your events, bops and balls, be sure to email on!