Thursday, 30 September 2010

Freshers Week and Freshers Fair - CUBICS run things... !

Hitting the clubs/fair rocking our fresh CUBICS t-shirts we will be going to the following so come along and break to help promote our breaking club..

Sunday 3rd October - Oasis at Fez Club

Monday 4th October - Soccer PM at Revs

Tuesday 5th October - Freshers Fair (ALL DAY)

Tuesday 5th October - The Night Formerly Known as Jelly Baby at Ballare

Wednesday 6th October - Freshers Fair (ALL DAY)

Wednesday 6th October - Shut up and Dance at The Place

Thursday 7th October - The Asylum at The Place.

Friday/Saturday 8 & 9th October - for people who are working in the week we will go out so you can get involved


For the club nights we will meet at 11PM inside the club so let me know your names for free entry list and we will meet inside.

For The Freshers Fair we are to setup the Lino and Boombox at 9AM for the 5th and 6th October and we will be breaking all day in intervals where refreshments will be provided so the people who are bringing boombox and lino please turn up at 9am or arrange for somebody else to bring this equipment (call me) and everybody else taking part can turn up throughout the 2 days when you are available (people will be there with the set-up all day.)

We have ordered CUBICS T-Shirts and the people who put a lot of effort in will receive one for free but unfortunately at £10 a t-shirt we cannot give free to everybody so either return t-shirt at the end of the week or pay £7.50 (discounted) to keep it.

For 5th & 6th in the day we will be setting up our allotted place 9am on parkers piece illustrated in the following picture:

Any questions or to let me know names for which days please send me a message on facebook or call/txt me on 07********* (message me for number - or

Looking forward to seeing you,


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