Thursday, 6 May 2010

Committee 2010/11

B-Boys B-Girls

The next academic is upon us and to get ready the committee has decided to start preparing now.

Getting down n' dirty:

Over the next few months we will be handing over the committee roles and having meetings to discuss how we can make Cubic a better society for you.
To do this we will be reviewing classes, social events, clothing, workshops, jams, events and much more. If you would like to attend or listen in on the meetings you are welcome just email one of us or simply come along and show up as we will send out details of meetings and such by email facebook and the blog.

The committee roles have been decided at the Annual General Meeting and i would like to give a warm welcome and introduce the following members:

B-Girl Sarra - She is your new president taking over from Ali; contact her if you want her to organise performances that you can be involved in for your Ents, Bops, Balls and other events on

Sarra looking happy

B-Girl Jumoye is the new vice president taking over from Marcus - she will team up with Sarra to run the club as Vice-Prez and will answer all your queries including classes and social events that you ask her in person or send to our committee address (


B-Boy Wattsy (Steve) who you may know from teaching some of the classes last year will still be teaching but this year he will be taking over from Matt Lim by becoming the new Treasurer, please speak to him regarding membership details, classes and anything like that. In addition to this Steve also helps organise open training sessions at St Paul's on a Friday and Sunday, which at the moment is in addition to current training. You can email him on the following:

Steven chillin

Next up is B-Boy JoeFlow who is taking on the role of Jams/Events and Workshops organiser.
He will be letting you know of jams and events throughout the country which we will go to as a crew to check out how other BBoys battle and get down in the cyphers and when confident enough you can enter battle competitions such as the uni bboy champs which we will be looking to do as its been a long time since a Uni Crew from Cambridge has represented. Also if you're really keen you can speak to him about events that take place in other countries! Overall he can let you know of dates, times and transport and he will also be arranging special one-off workshops where a highly publicised bboy will come and teach a class which will all be funded by the society.

Joe in the mask shop

That's it for the official positions so far but its early and more positions will be given if we feel its necessary after we've had some meetings, if you would like to be considered for a position we would be delighted please send an email to

Last but not least i will introduce some friendly faces that have been around for a long time so when none of the above people are about or even if they are you can always speak to one of the following that's if they haven't already come over and spoken to you first!

B-Boy Pancake (Marcus) - former vice president you may not catch him around that often but if you do be sure to see what this guys saying!

Marcus hitting a freeze on his elbow

B-Boy Szymon - He's very keen on training, if you're down for some extra training and there's nobody else around this guy is sure to be up for it!

Szymon punting on the River Cam

B-Boy Nin - (short for Ninja) - This guy's always happy to show you a move or 2 don't be afraid to ask he may look like a gangster be he's actually a really nice guy.

Nin with his pigtail grinning away

B-Boy Ali - Last years president, you may not see him around as much as he's done studying for now but I'm sure he will pop in to visit us and help out with classes every now and then so keep your eye out for this guy!

Ali looking dappa

That's it for now guys! There are a few more people who like to train regularly but we wont know if they will be helping to run things yet but if they decide to I'll be sure to introduce you to them through this blog.

We look forward to teaching some new and current students in August about the dance we love and live. Be sure to check the blog which will be updated monthly from now on in addition to this we will also be sending out emails so watch this space and if you want to get involved between now and the new term be sure to hit us up by email, facebook or phone etc we are always about and training, Peace.

B-Boy Wattsy


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