Saturday, 18 October 2008

Committee 2008-09

From the President;

Hi, I'm Mari or Mazza, a second-year Music student at St. John's. During my days at music school, I spent most of my time practicing the piano as I wanted to become a professional classical performer. Therefore I never had any training in dance at all; I started attending funk classes as soon as I got to Cambridge, but since the start of Lent Term freestyle dance dominated my life outside my musical studies. Since then I've been hanging out with the small minority of breakdancers here in Cambridge and all I can say is that they were a nice bunch of guys to chill out with!

Me and my committee this year really want the society to pass down the skills of what we have in this dance to the students at Cambridge University ; we hope to accommodate for all levels, so please come and check our classes and training sessions out and get involved (N.B you don't have to be a student at the University to attend our sessions)!

Marcus (below) is the Vice-President and Workshops Co-ordinator. He will be here to give you a hand in classes and invite some amazing dancers for workshops you can take part in! If you are also an experienced dancer and is interested in giving us a workshop, email

Ali is our Events Organizer - if you would like us to perform at your ball, college bop, talent show or charity event, he will respond on

Naveen (or Nav, as we call him) takes care of the financial aspects in the society.

The treasury role will soon be taken over by Matt, a fresher! Don't be scared first years...there are some around.

Josie is the secretary of the society; any advice on rooms should go to her, we are always looking for better places to train and have our events in!

Nathan looks after the official webpage, which is currently under construction.

We hope you come along and meet us all!

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